Artist: Bret Langford

Artist: Bret Langford

Bret Langford

I make art. That is it! 


1998, “Stand by your van” back cover CD artwork for Rock group Sublime. Long Beach, CA. 

1998, Solo exhibit “Byte Mind” Cousins Coffee & Tea. Long Beach, CA. 

2000, Image Titled: “Spiked” 1st Place award, Long Beach Arts juried exhibit “Digital Photography.” Long Beach, CA. 

2001, Solo exhibit World Trade Center. Long Beach, CA.  

2001, Solo exhibit titled “Caught in my eye”, Two Umbrellas Café, Long Beach, CA. 

2001, Image Titled “Arresting”. Long Beach Arts juried exhibit. “Long Beach, Past Present & Future”. 1st Place award, in category of Social Statement. 

2001, 12 images of Long Beach. On display at Long Beach City Hall, Offices of City Auditor. Long Beach, CA. 

2001, 2 images published in The American Muse arts magazine. Fall 2001 issue.

2001, Solo exhibit Landmark Building. Long Beach, CA

2001, Solo exhibit Coffee Cup Cafe. Long Beach, CA.

2002, Collaborative exhibit titled "Digital Goddesses", Universal Unitarian Church. Long Beach, CA.

2002, Collaborative exhibittitled "Futurism", Élan Collection. Long Beach, CA.

2002, 3 images received the prize of Honorable mention, "Exposure 2002 Photographic Competition." Hellada Gallery, Long Beach, CA.

2002 Collaborative exhibit "The Black Box Gallery/Artist Colony" Santa Ana, CA.

2008 Solo exhibit Calumet Photographic, Santa Ana, CA